About Us

Who We Are

Dedicated to Comprehensive and Personalized Childcare

Compassionate, Coordinated Care To Patients At All Ages

The Limi Children’s hospital is a designated specialty hospital for pediatrics, neonatology and adolescet medicine.

The hospital draws on the rich experience of healthcare provision and a corporate  patient-centered work ethic that differentiates and characterizes every Limi Hospital service center.

The Limi Children’s Hospital has set out as Abuja’s pioneer designated pediatric specialty hospital to  lead, define and model locally adapted world-class pediatric healthcare in a unique way that places emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention as an integral part of our unique approach.


Our Hospital is open 24Hours daily to attend to all Paediatric Emergencies, Neonatal Care, Laboratory and Diagnostic Medicine


Over 110 preterm and neonatal cases managed in Limi Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


We have a team of over 80 Paediatric Specialty Nurses, GPs and Hospital Assistants

Our Care

“...a healthy child is a happy child, and a happy child makes a happy home”

We are driven by our vision to become and remain the leading regional world-class, patient-centered children’s hospital working with appropriate innovative technology based on godly principles.

Founded in 1982, The Limi Hospitals have consistently evolved while maintaining focus on: care quality, care precision, patient-centered specialty care for all and the Limi Children’s Hospital is an integral part of this mandate and the Limi Hospitals’ Healthcare system.

The Limi Children’s Hospital was commissioned by the Honorable Minister of the FCT in 2017 amidst glowing commendations and accolades for the vision and contribution to healthcare delivery.

Our People

Trusted Expertise

Primary care doctors are health experts uniquely trained  to guide you through all stages of life.

24/7 Care

We’ve got you covered with same day care at our clinics, as well as quick access to your medical information online. 

Family Centered

Certified family physicians, internists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, we have a team of experts for you.


Our Primary Care Includes